We’d love to share our joy of all things vintage with you, by offering more than just a shopping experience.

We are always on hand to give you that extra bit of help and advice when needed. Whether you’re seeking advice on a particular piece, need a hand coordinating the perfect wardrobe, or are just looking to add a finishing touch for a very special occasion, we’re happy to help, offering the story behind a piece or collection when possible.

We love what we do, and we’re very much inspired by our vintage collection.

Our Vintage Jewellery

Daisy Lain has curated an eclectic collection of some of the most exquisite antique and vintage jewellery ever produced. 

Our unique collection of jewellery and accessories encapsulates the last century of design; From the early 1900s, and Art Deco of the twenties and early thirties, all the way through to the fifties, sixties and retro years of the seventies and eighties, including some iconic pieces from the nineties.

Our Mission

We have made it our quest to seek, select and provide wonderful and rare vintage designs of excellent quality. Many of the items we’ve curated were produced by some of the most iconic designers of the 20th Century. We pride ourselves on the quality of our collection, pursuing an ever-evolving range of nothing but the best, for you.

Your Journey

We hope you’ll enjoy browsing our selection just as much as we’ve enjoyed crafting it. Experience an inspiring journey with us, discovering new pieces for your vintage collection. 

We just love our discoveries, many of which are iconic, and hope to share them with you. Unveil or gift your very own piece of history, which will perhaps become a cherished heirloom for you to pass down through many generations.

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