Classic & Chic Pearls

Pearls have never really been out of fashion …. they have merely been simmering away quietly in the background, ready to be awakened and adored once again. Peals come in all shapes, colour and size from enchanting spherical beads of joy to ornate baroque pearls with their irregular shape and size.

Pearls are a truly fabulous part of the gemstone family and will always have their place amongst the wardrobe of jewellery pieces – even a delicate string of auntie’s pearls or grandmother’s humble pair of dainty pearl earrings are a joyous find!

Pearls are one of the gemstones for the month of June as well as historically being known to be the gift for the 30th Wedding anniversary. Pearls symbolise many things in different cultures – love, purity, beauty, sincerity and wisdom ….

Trends are fickle but Pearls have well and truly taken centre stage again which is where they should be …. I for one love my beautiful pearl jewellery and will pass these treasures onto my granddaughter to enjoy!

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